Imagining the future Lamborghini Hurricane Roadster, Superleggera and Squadra Corse

The Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610-4 has just been presented officially, and although we are not facing any revolution, we think that it is hard to feel disappointed with the new creature of Sant Agata Bolognese. The hurricane can boast of more technology and power, with the 610 HP V10 Engine, as well as an updated design which, though not very radical changes, including no ceases to own all the spirit we expect from a Lamborghini.

Future expected in the coming years the Lamborghini Hurricane? The answer is simple, and is that we just have to see what happened during the ten years of life of the Lamborghini Gallardo. Many versions and special editions saw the light on the basis of the Gallardo, making it a very old model and with many variations and different special editions.

lamborghini hurricane

Nothing tells us that with the Lamborghini Hurricane exactly that will happen, but not otherwise, and the logic tells us that it will be. Not so much in its initial phase of commercial life, but rather in the medium term, when the model is seated on the market and earns seniority, giving new attractions to convince their hypothetical buyers.

One version we will see in the Hurricane will be the convertible. Lamborghini Hurricane Roadster will come to the market, very likely, by the end of 2014 or 2015, and X-Tomi Design already have already are hands to work to imagine how it could be a hurricane outfitted.

On the contrary, in LamboCars have imagined to a hypothetical Lamborghini Hurricane Superleggera, and the result is a recreation to unofficial computer that you can see in the second picture that illustrates this article. This version Superleggera reaches the market still later, perhaps in two or three years time view, and would look a considerable weight reduction, as well as a generous rear spoiler.

lamborghini hurricane

Finally, on these lines we have the Lamborghini Hurricane Squadra Corse, as has been imagined by WildSpeed. In this case we would expect a more aggressive aerodynamics, less weight and more power, overcoming the 610 HP from the standard version.

Squadra Corse settle more radical range Hurricane focused especially on circuit, although in all likelihood it will be the latest updates in brand new, considering that Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse appeared just a few months, already at the end of the model life.

These photoshops, made by amateur or semi-professional to retouching by computer, obviously do not have any relationship with Lamborghini, so just are mere speculations without too much Foundation. However, we will surely see these versions in the new Lamborghini Hurricane, though to do so we have to wait quite a while still. Meanwhile, “satisfied” with the new Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610-4…